​​Scholarship donations:


Ann Arbor Community Foundation


LA 6-2 Aux $220

NH 5-2 $327

NH 5-3 $263

SC 34-1  $341

GA 25-5 $1000 In Memory of Sherry "Mouse" Vesely

AL 28-1 $1000 In Memory of Mary "Boo-B" Wahl

​Online Donation $1,756

NBOD $5K Adam Sandavol "Operation Bring it Home"

NBOD $5K In memory of Earl "Doc" Reichard FM-2

NC 15-5 $1000 In memory of Ronald "Smiley" Wilson

KY 1-4 $1500 In memory of Mike Caves

KY 1-4 $1500 In memory of Tom "Road Rage" Siegel

LA 6-1 $1000 In memory of all veterans and service members who have passed away

AZ 32-2 $1000 In memory of "Lawdog" John Mariana

AZ 32-2 AUX $1000 In memory of "Grimm" Robert Neeper

GA 25-4 $1,000 In memory of Sherry "Mouse" Vesely 

GA 25-5 $1,000 In memory of Sherry

"Mouse" Vesely

TX 23-1 $2,000 FM & Auxiliary In Memory of Jean "Easy Jean" DeLeon

IL 24-4 $1000 In memory of BJ "Hillbilly" Rowley

WY 36-1 $500

AL 28-1,3,5&6 $3540



The CVMA-A (Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Auxiliary) administers a scholarship program for CVMA or CVMAA members and their spouses, children, and grandchildren.2019 Scholarship Application Information Packet & Submission Requirements

It is the responsibility of the student applicant to ensure all scholarship application requirements are completed and emailed to the scholarship committee at cvmaauxiliaryscholarship@gmail.com on or before March 31, 2019.

2019 Winners

Applicant                  Category          Award          Sponsor             State
 Lott, Reid                    0-30                 5K               FM-19036            MS
 Hall, Chris                   31-90               5K               FM-19050            GA
 Ferguson, Michael     91 & up           5K                FM-16532            OK
 Rose, Emily C.            0-30                4K                FM-12187             MI
 Allen, Carrie                31-90              4K                AUX-6970             FL
 Kroeber, Meagan        91 & up          4K                 AUX-10218          CT
 Peters, Lisa                 0-30                3K                FM-22189             TN
 Parks, Elizabeth          31-90              3K                FM-20170             WI
 Gonzalez, Alexia         91 & up          3K                FM-17489              KS
 Douglas, Ian                0-30                2K                FM-4285               SC
 Zahner, Emily              31-90              2K                FM-17887             MO
 Heflin, Kristopher       91 & up          2K                FM-12680              WA
 Wagner, Thomas L.    0-30                1.5K             FM-18699              FL
 Pahl, Cade M.             0-30                 1K               FM-3613                 IA
 Riley, Jasmine            31-90               1K               FM-20789               AZ
 Isbell, Steven              91 & up           1K               FM-5972                 AL


2019 Awards will be divided into 3 categories based on the number of college credits completed at the time of application (March 31st)

                1) Applicants with 0-30 college semester hours completed

                2) Applicants with 31-90 college semester hours completed

                3) Applicants with 91 and above college semester hours completed

A total of $45,000 will be awarded in 2019.  Each year the number of scholarships awarded and the amounts awarded are determined I relation to funding available. 


February 1, 2019
Release of 2019 Scholarship Application Information Packet & Submission Requirements
March 31, 2019
Deadline for Submission of Applications and Supporting Materials (no extensions will be granted)
April 1-30, 2019
Committee Review of Applicant Submissions
May 15, 2019
Awardees contacted, checks mailed, and winners posted on the CVMA Forum
June 23, 2019
Scholarship Award Ceremony at National Convention

Click the link below to download information packet

2019 Scholarship Information Packet.docx

Click the link below to download the 2019 Scholarship Application

2019 Scholarship Application