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Christmas 2017 CO 32-1 adopted 4 veteran families - 3 of which were single mom veterans.
Fowler Family Scarlett and Statham children Navy veteran Dad
Roberts Family - Mom is a single mom, 6 year Army combat vet - PTSD and MSD sufferer
Gaskin Family - USMC single Mom vet
Snellbaker Family - Navy vet family
Due to work schedules, we had 2 members from our FM Chapter play Santa for deliveries on Friday December 22 and Saturday December 23.  I have attached both Santa's...Gary "Rocketman" Smith - FM Chapter PRO and Jerry "JDog" Prentice.  They were GREAT sports and really did a great job as Santa for the kids!  JDog was Santa on Friday and Rocketman on Saturday.
We had $400/per family to purchase gifts for the children and each parent received $200 in gift cards to be used for food.  We raised a total of $2400 that we were able to use for our families.   Our FM Chapter also helped with monies donated to make Christmas excellent for these families.
We had our 1st fundraiser in November at Heroes in Glendale AZ raising close to $1200 for local vets and their families.
Gift wrapping in December as well and our FM Commander showed up and played Santa!  :)
MORE TO COME IN 2018!!  we are SO EXCITED!!!!
AUX CO 32-1

TThe Aux members of 25-1 Detachment 3 (now 25-7) hosted a virtual race and donated $1000. 25-4 donated $254 and raised the money by having bake sales and selling various items such as beads.

25-4 also donated $500 to Stag Vets which is an organization that is dedicated to providing the best care and treatment plans for Veterans who are homeless, in need, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  They work to transform veterans to serve self, team, and community through farming, i.e. nourishing the land, stimulating the economy, and expanding the availability of quality food.

They raised the money during the chapter's annual event "Spring Bash" where the full members also raised money for Stag Vets. To raise the money they had balloon pops, sold various items, and had a jail where anyone could pay $1.00 a minute to place someone else in jail, which was a lot of fun and a big hit.


 CO 32-1AUX              Adopts Veteran Families for Christmas

CVMAA Chapter 3-6 Active Veteran Christmas Packages program.  Each year the group dedicates time to collect and send Christmas Packages to our deployed service men and women.  This year they have accomplished an amazing total of 33 boxes.