Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association® Auxiliary
CVMA®Auxiliary ByLaws
Revised June 26, 2021

Mission statement

The mission of the CVMA® Auxiliary Unit is to create and foster a caring and appreciative environment for CVMA members. The focus of the CVMA Auxiliary is to help CVMA accomplish its mission of Veterans Helping Veterans by offering support to CVMA Veteran related causes on national and state levels. The Auxiliary’s main goal is to provide moral support and cultivate relationships; we want those who served and/or fought for this country to know they truly are respected and welcomed home.

Table of Contents

 Article 1 Name, emblem 

Article 2 Objectives

 Article 3 Membership

 Article 4 Member dues 

Article 5 Elections

 Article 6 Duties of officers

Article 7 State chapters 

Article 8 Meetings 

Article 9 Delegations 

Article 10 Amendments 

Article 11 Conflict of interest statement


The name of the group is Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association®, Auxiliary hereafter called CVMA Auxiliary. Use of the CVMA Auxiliary emblem/logo is the sole property of CVMA and CVMA Auxiliary.

Section 1 (a). The Auxiliary unit of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a national association of eligible members heretofore chartered by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. Therefore, the CVMA Auxiliary shall be subject to the control of the CVMA National President, the CVMA Executive Board and as such by the CVMA Bylaws. Principal office of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Auxiliary unit will be located at the following address: Barrister Services, Inc., ATTN: Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association AUXILIARY, 11 East Kansas Street, Liberty, MO., 64068.

a. Change of Address. The designation of the county or state of CVMA Auxiliary principal office may change by amendment of these bylaws. The board of officers may change the principal office from one location to another within the named country by noting the changed address and effective date below, and such changes shall not be deemed minor, and will require an amendment of these bylaws.

b. Other Offices. The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Auxiliary may also have offices at such other places, within or without its state of incorporation, where it is qualified to do business, as its business and activities may require, and as the board of directors may from time to time, designate.

Section 1. (b) IRS Section 501(c)(3) Purposes. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Auxiliary: Said organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future tax code. The CVMA Executive Board has the authority to change the CVMA Auxiliary bylaws if any part is found to be in conflict with Federal or MO state tax laws.

Dissolution Clause: Upon the dissolution of the organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not disposed of shall be disposed of by a court of competent jurisdiction in the county in which the principal office of the organization is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized or operated exclusively for such purposes.

Section 2. The Auxiliary unit of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association shall be governed by bylaws, rules and regulations and by lawful orders issued by the Executive Board of the CVMA Auxiliary unit, provided such bylaws, rules, and regulations and orders do not conflict with the CVMA National association’s bylaws/directives/policies. Changes to the bylaws must be approved by the CVMA National Board of Directors. 

Section 3. The CVMA Auxiliary patch and logo cannot be reproduced without a license from the NBOD. The emblem of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is in the shape of a skull encompassed by the following colors: red, representing the blood that has been shed on the battlefield; military gold, representing all branches of the military service of the United States; and black, representing the heavy hearts possessed for those who gave their lives and for those that are considered missing in action or prisoners of war. The Skull and ace of spade represent the death that war leaves in its wake. The word Auxiliary denotes spouse, widow, or widower of a CVMA member.


​The Auxiliary unit of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association was formed as a support group for the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. The CVMA Auxiliary unit aims to assist CVMA in: 
Section 1. Promoting interest in various forms of motorcycle activities associated with Veterans. 
Section 2. Creating and maintaining camaraderie among combat Veterans from all U.S. Branches of Service and its allies. 
Section 3. Supporting Veteran Organizations.
Section 4. Raising awareness for the plight of POWs, MIAs and their families. 
Section 5. Encouraging a better understanding of motorcycle riders as a constructive sport among members of the public, press, and law enforcement agencies. 
Section 6. Promoting public awareness of Veteran issues. 
Section 7. Conducting Auxiliary functions and activities in a manner befitting the members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association as well as assisting the CVMA with its functions and activities; either at the chapter, state, or national level.


Section 1. Must be the spouse of a CVMA member or spouse of a deceased CVMA member.
                  A. Sponsoring CVMA members must be in good standing with CVMA.
                  B. Sponsoring CVMA member must have submitted Auxiliary application prior to moving to Alpha/Omega Chapter.
                  C. Submission of documentation is required and must accompany the Auxiliary application for Membership; Copy of Marriage License or Marriage certificate.  

Section 2. Must be of good character; meaning all members MUST conduct themselves in a manner that is becoming to themselves, to the CVMA, and to the CVMA Auxiliary unit. Members must not bring embarrassment upon themselves, to the CVMA Auxiliary unit or to the CVMA Association as a whole.

Section 3. Must support the efforts of ALL branches of the United States of America's Armed Forces and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Section 4. Will have a vote only in CVMA Auxiliary business. 

Section 5. Must attend at least one (1) event or meeting hosted by the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association per year to remain a member in good standing; (as described in CVMA National bylaws and with the exceptions noted for Life Members or Infirmed Members). 

Section 6. Must pay annual due to the CVMA Auxiliary National Treasurer; can be waived by ABOD /NBOD for hardship reasons. The request must be submitted to the ABOD Secretary in writing. 

Section 7. Will obtain Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Auxiliary patch from the CVMA Full Member State Representative. Members shall not possess more than two (2) Auxiliary patches.

Section 8. May remain a member in good standing with the CVMA Auxiliary if the sponsoring CVMA member who after one (1) year of active membership becomes infirmed, disabled, or otherwise unable to ride their motorcycle has obtained retirement status as granted by the CVMA Bylaws; the Auxiliary Member will keep their patch.

 Section 9. May qualify for Life Membership. Must be a member in good standing for three consecutive years, and attend at least one Sanctioned event per year (one being attendance at a National Auxiliary meeting) during that three-year time. The sponsoring CVMA member must already be a Life Member in CVMA. If for some reason the sponsoring member resigns or leaves the organization, the Life Membership will be revoked; the Life Membership fee will not be refunded. Auxiliary Life Members will keep the auxiliary patch if for health reasons the Sponsoring CVMA Life Member can no longer ride but remains in good standing with the CVMA.

Section 10. Will remain eligible for CVMA Auxiliary membership if widowed and all other membership criteria are met, and will not be required to pay annual dues. 

Section 11. Will have a vote in CVMA Auxiliary business if the member in good standing.

Section 12. Auxiliary Officer Positions.  All nominees for any office must be active and in good standing in the association, of good character and meet the following specific requirements:

      A.Auxiliary Chapter Executive Board nominees must also have a minimum of one (1) full year of CVMA membership, or a minimum of six (6) months of CVMA membership if a member of one year or more does not elect to run for office.

      B.Auxiliary State Representative nominees must have one (1) full year of membership with the CVMA Auxiliary

      C.Auxiliary Nation Board nominees must have two (2) consecutive years of membership with the CVMA Auxiliary.

 Section 13. Will be removed from the CVMA Auxiliary rolls by the CVMA NBOD or by the CVMA ABOD with NBOD approval due to misconduct. Misconduct is defined as failure to abide by the bylaws of the CVMA and CVMA Auxiliary, by bringing dishonor upon the Combat Veterans Association or to its members in actions, words, or deeds. The CVMA NBOD is the final authority in terminating an auxiliary member.

Section 14. Will no longer qualify for membership if divorced from sponsoring member or the sponsoring member is removed from the CVMA for any reason.

Section 15. Auxiliary back patch must be returned to the Chapter Commander or State Representative upon removal or withdrawal from CVMA Auxiliary. 

Article 4   MEMBER DUES

Section 1. Shall be at such rate, schedule or formula as may from time to time be prescribed by the governing body (ABOD) and approved by the Auxiliary general membership.

Section 2. Will be paid annually to the Auxiliary National Treasurer. If the CVMA sponsoring member is deployed in a war zone, the auxiliary membership dues may be waived upon request to the Auxiliary National Board of Directors. 

Section 3. Are to be paid by June 30th; dues paid by new members from January 1st through June 30th will not be renewable until June 30th of the following year. As the governing body of the association, the CVMA NBOD shall determine any changes to the deadlines for renewal of membership dues.

Section 4. Shall be required at the time of application for a Life Auxiliary membership.

Section 5. Shall not be required to pay annual dues by members who may wear the “original 45” patch designating that Auxiliary member is an original member and the spouse of a Charter member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.


Section 1. Nominees for a CVMA Auxiliary office (national, state, or chapter) must be paid active members and in good standing with the CVMA. 

Section 2.  Elected CVMA Auxiliary Officers (national, state, or chapter) must remain active members in good standing for the duration of their term. 

Section 3. Auxiliary Officers do not have to resign from a current position prior to seeking another Officer position within CVMA Auxiliary.

Section 4. An Auxiliary member cannot hold a position at the Chapter, State or National level concurrently.

Section 5.  National Auxiliary Officers

All national officers are to be nominated and elected at the CVMA Auxiliary National Meeting. All nominees for the Auxiliary National Board of Directors must have two (2) full consecutive years of CVMA Auxiliary membership. Members seeking a national ABOD position must announce their intentions to run 90 days prior to the CVMAA National Meeting by submitting their intention to the ANSAA who will disseminate to the Auxiliary Membership. The 90-day requirement will be waived if the position is vacated less than 90 days prior to the election. If a member, who has announced their intent for an Auxiliary National Board position, recants their intention, they cannot reverse that decision within the 90 days prior to the Auxiliary National meeting. Members must be on the ballot prior to the National meeting and cannot be nominated from the floor when there are other candidates on the ballot. No absentee voting will be accepted.
The President will vote only in the event of a tie. Staggered three (3) year terms will be served by CVMA ABOD Officers to retain continuity. The following is a schedule of elections held: i.e. 2021: President and Sergeant at Arms; 2022: Secretary and Public Relations; 2023: Vice President and Treasurer. Elections will be held respectively to include future dates. After new CVMA National Auxiliary officers have been elected, officers will assume office within 60 days of the election. Two (2) full consecutive terms are permitted. Should any elected CVMA National Auxiliary officer resign or be removed from the ABOD for any reason, the ABOD has the authority to replace the officer, as an interim, until the next National Meeting, at which time the position will be open for election for the remaining period.

Section 6. Auxiliary State Representatives

 All nominees for a CVMA Auxiliary State office must have a minimum of one (1) full year of CVMA Auxiliary membership.
Members seeking an Auxiliary State Representative position must announce their intentions to run 90 days prior to the scheduled election unless the position is vacated less than 90 days prior to the election. The 90-day requirement will be waived if the position is vacated less than 90 days prior to the election. Auxiliary State Representative's term will be three (3) years. Consecutive terms are permitted. Auxiliary State Representatives who vacate their office for any reason must inform the entire ABOD in writing, (electronic format acceptable). The CVMA ABOD may appoint an interim replacement to complete the original term.

 Section 7 Auxiliary Chapter Officers

 Auxiliary Chapter Executive Board (ACEB) nominees must have a minimum of one (1) full year of CVMA Auxiliary membership, or a minimum of six (6) months of CVMA Auxiliary membership if a member of one year or more does not seek office. Auxiliary CEB terms reflect the sponsoring CVMA Chapter CEB terms and election cycle.  Auxiliary Chapter Officers who vacate their office for any reason must inform the Auxiliary State Representative. Auxiliary Chapter Executive Boards must maintain three (3) qualified officers (Chapter Commander, Executive Officer, and Secretary). Auxiliary Chapter status will be revoked if vacancies to these positions are not filled within 90 days of a position being vacated.


​Section 1. The President will preside over all national meetings of the CVMA Auxiliary; serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors, act as an ex-officio member of all CVMA Auxiliary committees, issue the call for regular and special Auxiliary National Board of Directors meetings, ensure National Auxiliary elections are held within the confines of these bylaws; the President will carry out the directives of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The Vice President will perform all duties of the President in their absence along with assisting the President in all matters outlined above 

Section 3. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that accurate and detailed documentation exists to meet legal requirements and that important documents of the organization are being maintained in an appropriate way. The Secretary manages the minutes of board meetings and general membership meetings either by taking the minutes her/himself or by coordinating with a volunteer; ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting; is familiar with the organization’s bylaws; maintains management of the records and is the custodian of the organization’s important documents, except such records and papers kept by the Treasurer; signs such papers as may be required by the office or as directed by the Auxiliary Board of Directors; keeps a list of Auxiliary members, and performs such other duties as may be incidental to the office. At the expiration of his or her term of office, he or she shall deliver to the successor secretary all books, records, and other properties, or in the absence of a Secretary-elect, to the President. In case of absence or disability of the Secretary, the President may appoint a Secretary pro tem.

Section 4. The Treasurer will collect national dues and other forms of income due to the Auxiliary; maintain accounting records; make payments from the Auxiliary’s funds when so ordered by the Auxiliary Board of Directors; sign all checks and will make regular reports of the CVMA Auxiliary financial status to the Auxiliary Board of Directors when requested; will present a financial report at the annual general membership meeting. 

Section 5. The Public Relations Officer will maintain a file of all CVMA Auxiliary business and activities and have ready to present at each meeting and all Auxiliary functions. This position will act as the CVMA Auxiliary unit historian by maintaining files, pictures, newspaper articles, TV and radio announcements and submitting updates for the Auxiliary web site. This person will be in charge of all the CVMA Auxiliary’s publicity, in conjunction with and approved by the CVMA NBOD President and CVMA ABOD President. 

Section 6. The Sergeant at Arms will maintain order during all CVMA Auxiliary meetings, functions, chat rooms, etc. This position will ensure all CVMA Auxiliary members conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in the presence of CVMA members and will handle or immediately bring any problems to the attention of the CVMA Auxiliary BOD President and Vice President. The position will also be responsible for checking member ID cards before CVMA Auxiliary meeting and will ensure only those who are CVMA Auxiliary members nominate and vote in elections. 

Section 7. CVMA Auxiliary National Officers will be expected to attend annual CVMA National Auxiliary Meetings except in the event of a personal or immediate family medical emergency or due to a death in the family. Must submit excuse in writing to ABOD prior to the national meeting.

Section 8. Executive Board, made up of the CVMA Auxiliary Board of Directors will be responsible for the execution of any authorized, amended or updated policies; may fill vacancies of any office on the Board of Directors; will submit to the CVMA Auxiliary general membership during National Meetings recommendations affecting the CVMA Auxiliary; and has the authority to make decisions regarding daily matters, operational decisions, management of the organization, etc. 

Section 9. Auxiliary State Representative is to be elected by the Auxiliary members of the state they represent for a three (3) year term.  

      A. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to ensuring their state members carry out the bylaws of the CVMA National and CVMA Auxiliary; this position will oversee the entire state auxiliary membership. 

      B. Auxiliary State Representatives can recommend disciplinary action on Auxiliary members in their respective state as described in the CVMA Chain of Command Policy. Any recommendation must be submitted in writing (electronic or hard copy).

      C. Auxiliary State Representatives will answer directly to the ABOD on Auxiliary business.

      D. Auxiliary State Representatives who vacate their position will notify the ABOD in writing (electronic format acceptable) immediately. The ABOD will appoint an interim ASR for the completion of the term with a recommendation of the Full Member State Representative. 


Section 1. The Auxiliary Executive Board may issue charters to form CVMA Auxiliary Chapters provided an Auxiliary State Representative is in place prior to the Chapter request. The establishment of such Auxiliary Chapters requires approval from their CVMA Auxiliary State Representative, the CVMA State Representative and the CVMA Chapter Commander. 

Section 2. Auxiliary Chapters must function as a dependent unit of their FM CVMA Chapter. 

Section 3. To form a chapter, the Chapter must have five (5) Auxiliary members; Auxiliary chapters will be numbered and aligned with the corresponding FM CVMA chapter. 

Section 4. CVMA Auxiliary Chapter officers must be paid active members in good standing with the CVMA and CVMA Auxiliary with a minimum of one (1) full year of CVMA membership, or a minimum of six (6) months of CVMA membership if a member of one (1) full year or more does not elect to run for office.

Section 5. Formation, control, and disbandment of auxiliary chapters, as well as suspension or cancellation of chapters, shall be in accordance with National Auxiliary bylaws and or at the insistence of the CVMA NBOD or with a recommendation by the respective CVMA State Representative and CVMA Chapter Commander to the NBOD and ABOD. The NBOD has final authority.

Section 6. Auxiliary Chapter officers will use titles that are patterned after CVMA FM chapters. A directive of the CVMA National Board of Directors. 

Section 7. All chapter Auxiliary officer positions will be elected by Auxiliary Chapter members and will report through the Auxiliary State Representative.


Section 1. A simple majority of members present at any given meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. 

Section 2. See DUTIES OF OFFICERS, Article 6, sections 1-6.

Section 3. The President’s rule of order will be applied during meetings to affect parliamentary procedures, unless otherwise amended and provided for in the bylaws. 

Section 4. Special membership meetings and special Board of Directors meetings can be called by the President or two active members.

Section 1.  Delegations will be appointed by the President but are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, to represent the Auxiliary membership at any convention, meeting, rally, or other assembly that may be deemed necessary.
Section 2.  Delegations are authorized to exercise only those powers specifically vested in them by the CVMA Auxiliary Board of Directors and the CVMA National Board of Directors.
Section 3.  The CVMA Auxiliary Scholarship Committees will be a Standing Committee comprised of all Auxiliary State Representatives and members of the ABOD.    Section 4.  The ABOD President may appoint members-at-large to serve on any CVMA Auxiliary Committee. 

Sections 4.  The ANPRES may appoint members to serve on any CVMA Auxiliary committee.

Section 1.  Repeals to existing bylaws and additions of new bylaws must be presented at the annual CVMA Auxiliary National Meeting.
Section 2.  Changes to any Article and or Section of the CVMA Auxiliary bylaws will be discussed and must be passed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at the annual National Meeting before being adopted into the bylaws.
Section 3.  Approved and accepted amendments or newly ratified bylaws will take effect immediately.
Section 4.  Rewording for clarification to existing bylaws may be made by ABOD then presented to general membership.

ARTICLE 11 Conflict of Interest Statement
No member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Auxiliary Board of Directors, or any of its Committees, shall derive any personal profit or gain, directly or indirectly, by reason of his or her participation with fundraising. Each individual shall disclose to the entire membership any personal interest which he or she may have in any matter and shall refrain from participation in any decision on such matters.